Alcover is a unique town; its location, industry and lands have attracted visitors for centuries. Set in Costa Daurada and Prades Mountains, just over 13 kilometres from Reus and 120 kilometres from Barcelona, Alcover is a beautiful and unforgettable place to visit. With a population of 4,549 residents, Alcover is a delightful mixture of old and new; a combination of an ancient market village and a modern industrial community. Alcover is also an ideal centre from which to visit the region's many and varied tourist attractions.


One thing among the town's many features is the local museum and its collection of Lagerstätten fossils, the old and new churches, the architectural features of some buildings and the surrounding countryside. The weekly outdoor market in the centre of the town dates from Medieval Times and the old quarter still conserves the shape given by the 14th Century walls, from which only some of the watchtowers remain.


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